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You should share.

I should have. I would have! But.. I ate it all. Sorry, Tom. 

all ears / Amelia & Cameron


”You are special.” She smiled, letting go of him gently as she listened to him. It was nice to hear that from someone, she hadn’t heard such caring words for quite a long time and it was almost alien to her. A soft smile was all she could do in response, still a little speechless about the whole situation. As she followed him through into his living space, Amelia glanced around the room, interested at the things that were dotted around them. At his offer, she sat down and crossed her legs up on the sofa with her, not hesitating to get comfy as soon as possible. ”You know me.” She looked up once she was done settling herself and continued. ”I eat however much of anything.” Her eyes followed him as he moved, letting them fall as she heard the crackling of the tub opening. ”You sound like a little kid.” She mumbled through another slight chuckle. ”Not that that’s a bad thing.” 

"Likewise." He said simply, sincerity lacing the word. Cameron nodded as she decided to take a seat on the couch. "Yeah, make yourself at home." He grinned, knowing how comfortable the couches he’d ordered were. It was where he spent most of his time, actually. He leaned himself over a bit, handling two clean bowls from the strainer before laying them both out in front of himself. "Alright, I’ll just fill your bowl up. If you want more, don’t hesitate to say so." He bit his lip and went to, filling her bowl up to the brim in scoops of brown. His eyes moved up from the chocolate ice cream, and to the figure on his couch, realizing she heard the words he spoke to himself. He let out a short, embarrassed chuckle. "I don’t know, I just really like this stuff.” He finished sheepishly as he pushed her bowl forward, replacing it now with his own. It wasn’t long until his bowl mimicked hers, and he slid it forward as well. He closed the lid on the treat as it threatened to melt if he left it out any longer; the freezer was opened again, and the tub was placed back into its rightful place. “Ta-da!” He stabbed a spoon into each of their bowls before taking a hold of each. He walked into the living space once more, “I, uh, hope you like chocolate. I probably should have asked if you wanted anything else.” Cameron felt a small pang of guilt well up in his chest, but tried to ignore it as he took a seat on the cushion beside her. 

Is it too late to say hi?